December 10, 2005

Hey peeps, Today was very exciting!!!! First I got up and I went to volleyball at 10:00 till 12:00. Then went out to eat with my mom,dad,and cousin, Tyler. we went to Taco Bell!than we went shoping.but me and my mom went to the mall and did some REAL christmas shopping. When we came home i showed my mom & dad my bruses and cort burns from vollball.They were preety bad.Even one of them was bleeding through my white sock. Next i thanked my dad for giving and letting me have my OWN websie.thanks MOM&DAD.WELL GOTS TO GO. LOVE YALL . BYE

December 11, 2005

Hey yall, today was good.first i got up took some medicen for my back[from vollyball].than went to church. next after church went to Lanskeys for lunch.than went home.Than went to my Aunt Lindas house & jumped on the trampiline[just kiding, tooooo cooolllldddd]Than went home. Had dinner & now im here!!!!!!!!!!GOOOOOOOOOOO GREEN BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but have to go. love yall!!!!!! bye