omgsh KATIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE so this is your best freind and this is really funny that you have this and you can look at it when your old your the big 16 now so when your 20 some and get married and when your im your brides made then we can look at this. k idk what else to write by loser!

July 29,2008

hey guys! this summer has been sooo greeeat! with all my ups and downs i've been doing pretty good. all the sports and friends get me caught up! all my friends are turning their bak on me but i found some new ones so were all good. i hoppe ppl actually still check this lol. anyways i loveee you! xoxxxx byee

thats me last summer=]

November 22,2007

Hey ya'll jst wanted to say......HAPPY TURKEY DAY ! lol im gonna go eat some urkey and stuffing so ttyl ,bbye

November 17, 2007

Hey besties ! my life has been great since i've last wrote in here[ which was a long time ago] lol.anywayz im still playing soccer and vball and thats been goood.. well i got to go to a movie so ill wbl[write back later]! cya lata =]

august 15,2007

hey guys ! how have ya'll been???!im doing fine.i havent been doing anything lately..cause im a lowlife that dosent have anything better to do than sit here on the computer and write in theis..lol.tommrows our dance.so that should be fun ! welp ! im gonna go cause im gettting kinda bored...dont worry illl write back soon.lots of love-katie

august 10,2007

Hey Guys(and Gals)!.lol.Anywayz..im at my nana and papa's right now and really bored..jk.im jst on the computer and no1's really on.so i thought I'd update this.I just got done with one of my soccer games ! P.S.-we won!!So happy:] I wish I could chat more but my bed is calling me..so i must obey! lol.call me if you want to chat somtime! <3 Katie Sue

thats the class!

were the best of friends and we'll stick together till the end!!!

august 9 2007

hey kids !whats goin on? jst checkin in with every1. ttyl <3katie

july 6, 2007

hey ya'll! havent written in here for lik ever.. ttyl..love, katie <3

Katie's Cool Class

this is nick

july 13 2006 1:03

dear my good old friends, I'm still enjoying most of my summer.I've been at A LOT of soccer camps!!I am trying out for CBFC (club soccer). I REALLY, REALLY hope i make it. I might go to a Falcon baseball game tonight but that disision is up to my Aunt!!!!Well got to go play out side with my cousins, Logan and JOEY!!!!!c ya later!!!!!HI TIERNEE, NICOLE,KYLE,LOGAN,AND ALL OF MY OTHER FRIENDS!!!!!!!BYE!!!

May 29,2006 8:42 pm

hey yall, sorry i havnt written in a while, i've been really busey!!!!i cant believe that its the first week of SUMMER!!!!!!I'm going to miss all of my friends especialy Kyle.He's moving!!!! so is Zach!!!!all of my friends are leaving!!! It's soooooooo sad!!I'M SOOO MADD THAT EVERYONE IS LEAVING!!!!So I have to go clean my room!!UHGH !!!!SO BORING!!!! So everyone have a great summeR!!!!!bye!!hi bicca,nicole,bailey,tiernee,and everyone i know!!!!!luv ya'll!!!!!!

April 4,2006

Hey ya'll, Whats up?Today was good.First i went to school and all that junk.Then i went to my Aunt Linda's house.Next I'm here.And I have to go to soccer practice.Well, thanks.BYE.HI TIERNEE,VICTORIA,AND NICOlE!!!!!!!

March 18,2006

hey yall, Im so happy because my second cousins are here. And i havent seen them in like FOREVER!!!! I have a volleyball game tomorow and it's kind of going to be most of the day! Did you here how much snow were going to get? 20 inches!!! well gtg. BY!!!!! love ya bicca and bailey!!!!!!!!!!

March 3,2006

Hey ya'll, sorry I havent updated this thing in a while, but I am sooooooo busy!! Today was okay. First i went to school and some guy that went to iraq that was a soldier, and presented to us. He showed us some pictures and one of them was of a new born baby. He was SO CUTE!!!!!!! Than i came home and went to danceing. We learned this new move it's called a stradle donkey kick!! It's so fun, but i think i rolled my hip preety baddly. Then my dad came and picked me up. And my cousins were at my house. And now I'm here. So if I dont talk to you tommorow 'cause i have a choir thing , I'll see you later!!!! BYE!! love ya*****************************************************************

January 8,2006

Hey Yall, Today was okay.First i woke up and went to call my cousin,joey,HAPPY 12 BIRTHDAY.Then we went out to lunch to celebrate Joey's birthday.Today is also Ethan's birthday.HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN.Next we went to take Holly,my kitty,to the vet to take some shots.Then we went to my Grandma Kuck's house for a late christmas and my cousin,Elaine's babyshower.But it's a supprise!!!!So,ssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh keep very quiet.I got lots of cool stuff.Well,if i dont talk to you guys tommorow night HAVE A HAPPY,& GREAT NEW YEAR!!!LOVE YALL.BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 26,2005

Hey kiddies,So,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,sorry!!!!Because i cant talk.Bicca is over.And my day was really good.Sorry,agian.Thanks.Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 24,2005

Dear peeps, Today was asome!First i got up, then went to the store agian.Then after that i got ready to go to my aunt Linda's house.When we got their we ate than opened LOTS of presents!!!!!!And just when i tought i was done wasnt.So i got a KITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!When i got home i got a mp3 player.and also i got a big huge sterio.Well hope you have a happy new year. bye.

December 23,2005

Hey christmas GEEKS, Today was ok.i woke up and my cousin threw a pillow at e.It was very dusturbing!!!Then me and my cousin got to each take a friend to the movie.So i took bicca and logan took joey.Then after that i went to the mall and finished off some last inute shopping.Well love yall . bye.HI BICCA & BAILEY.

Deceber 22,2005

Hey Texes fans, Today was okay.First I wet to the store to get stuff to make cookies.Then when we got home we baked cokkies until 3:00 p.m. Then my mom went to a party and i went to volleyball from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. After that my cousin,Logan,came to pick me up.Then we went to the store and got some icecreame.And now i'm here.My cousin has to spin the night.Well love yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bye.HIIIIIII BICCA & TIREEY

Welcome to the Widget Report!


December 19,2005

dear great friends, today was heartful.First at school whe recess came i got a big sore on my knee & got hit in the face 2 times.Then went to Bailey's house.Then next i had a soccor game.I had a social studies project & of course evreyone had to be at the library.but luckily i got a few books.Then i had to get a pizza box for the modle of the southern plantations.Now i'm here. Thanks for listining.

December 18,2005

December 18,2005

Hey home mamas, Today i went to church.Then i went to Valentinos.Next went to this singing thing at church,the little kids were sooo cute.Then came home and mostly wached t.v. all day.Also i had a visitor & got some goodies.They were COOKIES.YUM.gtg. bye.love yall

Here you'll find all the news that is news in the life of Widget!

December 17,2005

Hey christmas lovers, Today i got up.Went to my nana & papa's.Then went to my cousins b-day party on the buggie bus.It was so fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!Than went to la masa fpr diner.After that we went back to my Aunt Linda's house for ice cream ad a BIG COOKIE.And now im here.Well gtg.BYE.HAPPY B-DAY LOGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 25,2005

Hey Peeps, Today was good.First i got up looked for presents and i got a bunch of dvd's.Then i went to church.And after took Holly[my cat]to my nana and papa's house.Wehad lots of fun by playing bordgames.Also i won 3 games of the new sorry ravenge.After that i went to my grandparent's house.We also had so much fun!So thanks for reading.BYE!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU HOLLY!!!!!!!!

Hey yall, Today i woke up than talked to bicca on the phone and the computer.Next i put up my New sterio and jewlary box. Then i went to the store and saw lisa and melony.Then i wachen charlie and the chocalate factory. And now im here.TTYL. BYE!!!!!! I love PICKLES!!!!!!!!!